Vehicle Sensor

vehicle sensor finished halfsize

The Vehicle Sensor is a probe style, buried sensor used to detect traffic along a roadway. It can be used in conjunction with a 12 volt power supply and Alert Base Station in either a Vehicle Alert configuration (single) or a speed and direction Vehicle Alert configuration (two probes). The probe sensors come with 50 feet of cable.

There are two configurations for vehicle sensors.  The first uses just one vehicle sensor.  A second configuration uses two vehicle sensors set about 10 meters apart.  In this second configuration, the user receives information on speed and direction of travel.

Bury sensor approximately 15 cm deep.  Ensure that the cable leading from the sensor to the base station is secure because movement in the sensor cable could cause false signals.

04 vehicle sensor buried exposeda 05 vehicle sensor buried

Bury 2 sensors approximately 10 meters apart for speed and direction of travel



bi-directional break beam

Technical Specifications
Component Vehicle Sensor
Code EMX-CS202
Weight (grams) 1750
Dimensions (standard) 1.3″x24″ main base, 50′ cable
Supply Voltage 12 volt
Typical Current 1.5 mA
Max Current 15 mA