Invisible Witness® System




The Invisible Witness® System serves as a coordinating and satellite communications base for the Trespass Alert system. The primary purpose is to listen for sensor signals and send Iridium satellite transmissions.

The system is highly flexible with the ability to support at least seven different sensor configurations. Through a web-based configuration utility, users may choose when to put the device into hibernate mode to save power, how often to send check-ins, whether or not to send alerts, and other options.

By Delorme InReach, email or text message, you can choose to be notified immediately of:

  • Detection events – know in real-time which systems and sensors were triggered, the system’s GPS position, and the intruder’s direction / speed of travel (if applicable)
  •  Monitoring information – monitor your system’s correct operation, its battery voltage level and how many times each sensor was triggered since the previous check-in.
    This same information is sent to a web-based dashboard utility where you will have the ability to monitor many devices at once through a Google Map interface. The secure dashboard is SSL-protected and only you have access to your system deployment information with your username and password.
    The Base Station Alert has been designed to support future peripherals including gunshot sensor, camera/video, face detection sensor, and image transmission.

The Base Station includes the following components:

  • Base Station
  • Iridium antenna
  • Antenna cable
  • Rugged foam packed carrying case
  • Philips screwdriver


  • Iridium Satellite transceiver
  • GPS receiver with embedded antenna
  • On-board sensor manager and scheduler
  • Internal battery pack (8xAA)
  • A port for external battery or solar power pack
  • A 2-pin port for simple switch sensors
  • Three 8-pin ports for intelligent sensors such as Temperature Spike, Pressure Pad, Vehicle and IR Break Beam
  • Real-time, satellite-based notifications of events via SMS or Email
  • One year of free access to web-based configuration tool and monitoring dashboard
  • Rugged enclosure:
    • Designed to IP65 of IEC 529 and NEMA 1, 2, 4, 4x, 12 and 13 specifications
    • Silicone rubber gasket makes this ideal for outdoor use in a wide range of adverse conditions
    • UL Listed to UL508-4x specifications (File E194432)
    • Durable, impact-resistant UV Stabilized Polycarbonate material

Note: The Invisible Witness System does not include a separately purchased Iridium network subscription.

Technical Specifications
Component Invisible Witness® Base Station
Weight (grams) 700
Dimensions (standard)  8″x6″x2.25″
Supply Voltage  12 volt or 6 volt
Typical Current  0.1 mA
Max Current  1.5 amp