Active Infrared Break Beam


The IR Break Beam sensor uses active infrared (IR) beams to detect people walking along a trail. The intelligent sensor determines if the passing object is too small or fast to be a human and detects error conditions. It is easy to install and very power efficient. The sensor comes with a 25 foot cable to interface to the Alert Base Station.

The IR emitter portion contains a battery pack which will last for over a year.

The stealthy black probe design – only 0.57″ in diameter maximizes hide-ability. The IR emitter, also a black probe design, has its own battery pack which will last for at least a year. Separate power pack means not having to lay cable underneath a trail.

A second active IR sensor added to your system allows for calculation of speed and direction of travel (in-bound out-bound). In addition, a second IR sensor allows further discrimination of true positives. Triggering one sensor but not the other (perhaps 20 feet away) will not send an alert.

Emitter                                                                 Receiver

emitter step1d-small testing alignment halfsize

Technical Specifications  IR Emitter
Component IR Emitter and Battery Pack
Weight (grams) 100 (without 3x AA batteries)
Dimensions (standard)  3.67″x 2.55″x 0.94″ battery pack

5′ x 0.15″ cable

3.2″ x 0.57″ emitter probe

Supply Voltage 4.5v (3xAA batteries not included)
Typical Current 0.1 mA
Max Current 50 mA


Technical Specifications  IR Receiver
Component IR Receiver
Weight (grams) 400
Dimensions (standard) 25 foot cable, 1″ connector, 1/4″ cable, 6″ probe, 0.56″ diameter probe
Supply Voltage 3.3v
Typical Current 0.5 mA
Max Current 5 mA